The evils of captivity and theme parks with cetaceans

By Rania Watts I was watching a video of engineers who created a robotic dolphin for the purpose of a side show exhibited at a theme park. As a child we would constantly go to aquariums to see all the beautiful fish in tiny tanks that are maintained and regulated [we hope].  It seems veryContinue reading “The evils of captivity and theme parks with cetaceans”

Dolphins really are that smart!

By Rania Watts They are Aquatic animals with large brains and as a result, there is also a dolphins versus humans’ intelligence discussion; Also a big debate on the sensory evolution of these creatures, who are impacted by environmental and social issues.  Dolphins have the capacity to exhibit various human characteristics, and mirror self-recognition. SAs humans we thinkContinue reading “Dolphins really are that smart!”

Why one should never swim with dolphins in captivity

By Rania Watts Like the Beluga Whale, Dolphins seem to have a permanent smile on their face but it is not by choice. It does seem easier, I guess, to the mind to contemplate the smile of a dolphin and not the misery they feel being stuck in a cement pool and probably with poorlyContinue reading “Why one should never swim with dolphins in captivity”

Dolphin / Human Interaction in the Wild

By Rania Watts Dolphins may seem very friendly. However they are still wild animals.  I remember decades ago I was on a trip to British Columbia, where I went to this little duck pond type area, There was signage everywhere saying please do not feed the ducks as they need to rely on their own surroundings beContinue reading “Dolphin / Human Interaction in the Wild”

Mythology About Dolphins

By Rania Watts I was doing a little bit of research and found some famous stories about how dolphins would rescue people at sea to bring them up to the surface of Ancient Greece. There are some known myths about dolphins as messengers of Poseidon.  I was reading this fascinating story where apparently pirates hadContinue reading “Mythology About Dolphins”

Dolphins, The Crows Of The Sea

By Rania Watts There is a First Nations tale that discusses how crows are the carriers of souls, after they have passed. I had absolutely no idea that dolphins were thought to be the bringers of souls of the dead to the Islands of the Blessed.  I find deeply moving, the concept of the intricate connection andContinue reading “Dolphins, The Crows Of The Sea”

Threats and Dangers to Dolphin Survival

Wild dolphins face many natural dangers within the deep expanse of the ocean, however the most overwhelming threat to their existence is man. Although some dolphin species are considered an endangered species, alarming statistics suggest that more and more dolphins are being killed by illegal dynamite fishing, being caught in fishing nets, collisions with boats andContinue reading “Threats and Dangers to Dolphin Survival”