Why one should never swim with dolphins in captivity

By Rania Watts

Like the Beluga Whale, Dolphins seem to have a permanent smile on their face but it is not by choice. It does seem easier, I guess, to the mind to contemplate the smile of a dolphin and not the misery they feel being stuck in a cement pool and probably with poorly maintained water. 

It seems very cruel to condemn a sea creature to a chronic entrapment that could very easily trance end into their watery coffin. It is a giant sized fish bowl, except it is not a dead goldfish that can easily be flushed. 

The body size alone of a dolphin confined to their proverbial cage is quite inhumane. I don’t know what is worse: the cold temperatures in chlorinated water to keep humans safe from bacteria (but making it unsafe for dolphins), or allowing your child to swim with them.

Dolphins remaining all day in chlorinated water began to create chemical burns to their skin and their eyes. World Animal Protection has provided five specific reasons why one should never swim with the animals. I know that they are majestic creatures and I know that people want to touch them, but they deserve to have as much power over their bodies – as any animal on this planet.

“Dolphins aren’t smiling. It’s just the shape of their face, A life in captivity is no life at all, Swimming with dolphins is not safe for your family, or the dolphins, Captive dolphins are bred for a lifetime of captivity, Dolphin entertainment destroys dolphin families.” For a more detailed explanation please check out the link below. 


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