The Trailers

Episode 1 – The First Kiss

The Bedouin tribe in Sinai and their culture is introduced. The two Bedouin men (Abdallah and Muhammed) who respectively suffer from autism and deafness and who have a close and interactive bond with ‘Olin’, the dolphin, are also introduced. The physiology of dolphins; comparisons between humans and cetaceans; dolphin use of sonar, people’s fascination with dolphins and some mis-interpretations about dolphin and human bonding are discussed.

The coral eco system and increased tourism in the Sinai area is explored.

Episode 2 – Dolphin Healing

The further impact of increased tourism, and the problem of  man made “rubbish” affecting the region and coral life. Sonic vibrations and their therapeutic effects, especially underwater, are explained, particularly with regard to the positive results of these vibrations on people with disabilities. Swimming with wild dolphins and the profound effects it has on people are shown in detail. Water birthing and giving birth amongst dolphins are linked, to show experimental research. ‘Olin’ becomes pregnant, and the Bedouin express their joy.

Episode 3 – Conflicting Interests

‘Olin’ gives birth to ‘Jimmy’. Bonding and educational processes between humans and cetaceans  with their respective offspring is compared. ‘Jimmy’ develops an exclusive rapport with a young Bedouin boy named Falakh, and the subtle frictions between Falakh and Abdallah are explained. Internal power problems between the Bedouin are examined. ‘Olin’ has become a business and tourists are charged by Abdallah to see her. The issue of captivity begins with the owner of the Dolphin Reef in Eilat, Israel, expressing her opinions about the relationship between Abdallah and ‘Olin’; her relationship with the dolphins held in her facility and her reasons for keeping them captive. Richard O’Barry (dolphin trainer) discusses the inhumane conditions of dolphins in captivity and guides the viewer through his work on releasing and rehabilitating captive dolphins. Dolphin therapy with disabled children is strongly opposed by Dr. Betsy Smith and Richard O’Barry. The popularity of general dolphin healing and ‘new-age’ practices are highlighted.

Episode 4 – The Dolphin Smile

A haunting  montage of sea life drowned in driftnets is shown. In Nuweiba, the Bedouin express their anger at finding ‘Olin’ and ‘Jimmy’ being caught in a net.  Tourists are swamping the dolphins in Sinai, and the potential threats to their survival are shown. The captivity industry is exposed, within the contexts of entertainment, therapy and military use. A hunger strike carried out by Richard O’Barry, to release captive ex-military dolphins in Israel, from an amusement park, is documented. This action successfully prevents the future importation of Russian ex-military dolphins to Israel. ‘Jimmy’ the baby dolphin is found dead, and the Bedouin express their grief.

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