Dolphins, The Crows Of The Sea

By Rania Watts

There is a First Nations tale that discusses how crows are the carriers of souls, after they have passed. I had absolutely no idea that dolphins were thought to be the bringers of souls of the dead to the Islands of the Blessed. 

I find deeply moving, the concept of the intricate connection and connectivity between the human soul and (more specifically) the weight of a soul on a dolphin that bring these souls to the land of the dead,.

In ancient times when someone would do something wrong, they were always condemned to death, which typically meant inheriting a watery grave. I found this quote below to be quite telling, with regards to culture and ancient civilisations. 

“The culture in the age of Christianity is not exempt from these stories either. It is believed that on one occasion St. Martin the hermit was tempted by a libertine woman and seeing himself about to sin he threw himself into the sea and went to live on an uninhabited island. Some versions indicate that the saint was taken to the shore on the back of a dolphin and others mention that two dolphins transported him after a woman arrived on the island where he lived.”

We are taught so many lessons in life by various forces through folklore, we are able to distinguish the reality of how we should live and treat each other. I wonder if that is why, over the course of human history throughout folklore, dolphins have been seen as majestic creatures put onto earth to aid more than maim . 

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